Tall Stature- The Unknown Perks of Being Tall


We have curated a list of the unknown perks that shows that why being tall is a perk and why you should be thankful of your tall height. We also shed light on what benefits tall people enjoys and how to grow taller if they are in the list of people who look ways for getting taller fast.

When asked about the benefits of being tall, one of our female respondents said that I am blessed to be tall as I get great comments about my height that makes me feel more flattering. Over the party I realized that my strength is my height. My tall stature makes me look confident and up head. People tend to believe that I am a person who can do anything in life. Though, I have faced downturns and crucial time but I am lucky that I have always been approached as a person of determination and strength.

Can block the view for others

Another added, “I can stand up high and see no matter what I want. It doesn’t matter where I am standing in the concert. Since, I am tall so I can watch the concert or theater from any distance. This is the best thing that I like about my height. My view is never blocked but I can block the view for others.”

One of the respondent told that being tall makes you appear good looking and attractive. Tall men or tall women both are equally liked.  Tall people are more in commanding position as other people tends to listen to closely to what they say. This is one reason that why tall people are believed to be lucky as compared to the short.

Earning Potential

Researches even show that tall people are also successful and positive in their life. They also earn potentially greater than the people with short stature. Researches also revealed that people who are tall have a greater probability of living happy and satisfied life.  This also tends to be proven true for women as National Bureau of Economic Research said that women who are on average taller than the rest of others are more likely to live happy in their life.

Getting Attention

When asking from men in particular, one individual from the group responded that tall people usually get more attention wherever they go. This is due to the fact that they are more prominent in the crowd. Tall women don’t need to wear heels as they already have those extra inches that make them look attractive. On the other hand, if they want to wear heels they still look great.

Reveling more about short people, some people said that they have difficulties in finding clothing for their selves particularly pants and jeans that fits them perfectly. For tall people, finding their size is not an issue. They fit well in large sizes. Short people also enjoy the perk. For more details you can read more here.

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