What do you need to know about Sporty Oakley Sunglasses


Sunglasses being a unique fashion accessory giving your personality a versatile look, also helps sports personnel in protecting their eyes from UV rays of the sun that might cause permanent retinal damage. But, it is also the accessory most overlooked by majority of people. They usually use them for some occasion and probably leave them at home most of the time; or they are not conscious about designer label or lens quality. Since the genuine Oakley spot sunglasses are expensive, there are manufacturers who have resorted to make fake duplicates of the famous sport sunglasses brand. One can find these sunglasses being sold at every street or flea market today in cheap prices.

What do you need to know about Sporty Oakley Sunglasses

Sometimes alternatives are the best course of action. But, when it comes to Oakley; alternative probably is not the best there is. Starting from the sale of “The Oakley Grip” in the 70s; Oakley Inc. is an innovation-driven manufacturer, distributer and designer of high-performing eyewear. Known best for its sunglasses, original Oakley sunglasses sell from lowest of $65 to $450 a pair. Key features of the company’s success include celebrity and athletes endorsements, high tech designs such as damage resistance, high optical clarity, switchlock, HD Polarized, HD Optics, and high-end distribution networks including O stores, Oakley vaults and Occhiali da Sole.


Due to their popular brand image, price and cutting-edge technology, fake Oakley sunglasses are the most sought after.

What distinguish Sporty Oakley sunglasses?


Here are some important tips to help you spot original Oakley Sports sunglasses from the original ones:

External Indications:

  • Prices of original Oakley sunglasses will be obviously much higher than the fake ones.
  • Ask about Warranty Card and authenticity certificate before purchasing the sunglasses because most fake Oakley sunglasses don’t come with them. This method is reliable for most of the novice users who are having confusion differentiating.
  • All Oakley sunglasses are packaged in genuine hard case or pouch. Check the case or pouch if it appears to lack quality, have tags which genuine case does not, faded color, then you need to reconsider purchasing.


Internal Indications:

  • Check the list of accessories on the website of Oakley before purchasing sunglasses. Most fake Oakley sunglasses either not come with listed accessories or have extra accessories to lure the customers into purchasing.
  • Check the Color. Original Oakley eyewear have neutral metal tones and fake Oakley sunglasses have lighter tone.
  • Look for markings and serial-model number. Oakley sunglasses are only manufactured in United States. Therefore, there should be a clear marking of “Made in USA” logo embossed on the arm of the pair. Also, look for the serial-model number inside the arm, as cheap fake Oakley sunglasses are missing this information.
  • Check the material quality of sunglasses. Original Oakley sunglasses are made from material including Titanium, O-Matter, C-5 Alloy, X-Metal and Plutonite lenses which are high-quality and have perfect cuttings and finishing. On the other hand fake Oakley sunglasses have improper finishing and are made of low quality plastic material which gives creaking sound at switchlock and moving arms of the pair.
  • Look for Sticker on lenses. All Real Oakley shades DO NOT have any sticker on the lenses or extra original lenses you purchase. Fake Oakley sunglasses makes this mistake. Do not let vendors sell you one by saying sunglasses are required to have UV protection or Polarized stickers.
  • Is the world bluer? The actual reproduction color through original Oakley lenses is relatively neutral. Fake Oakley lenses is much bluer.
  • Rubber Nose– Real pair of Oakley sunglasses comes with a soft cushion but sticky that is adjustable according to your nose. Fake ones have plastic and rough cushions.


Even when you are in doubt then you should turn to authorized Oakley networks such as Oakley’s own website. Online search will also find you more authorized dealers like Lensrage outlet.


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